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Fowler Swimming Pools proven long term method of finishing and renovating existing quality swimming pools, is the on-site application of a Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (F.R.P.) Membrane.

An F.R.P. surface membrane is directly applied to the prepared existing finish using Polyester resin and fibreglass reinforcement to the entire pool surface. A permanent bond is formed between walls and floor and the F.R.P therefore forms an integral part of the existing structure. Contrasting top edge bands, motifs and lane lines can be incorporated within the finish.

We use all isophthalic-based resins and topcoats. This is a polyester-based system incorporating fibreglass reinforcement. The method of application is the same as that which has been used in boat production for over forty years. The completed application forms a fibreglass surface designed to provide a long lasting low maintenance finish. The F.R.P. membrane also forms a reinforced surface coating of between 2.5/3.00mm in thickness that is joint-free, completely water tight, highly resistant to structural movement and colour impregnated for life and therefore no painting or any re-finishing is required. F.R.P. cannot be cut or ripped.

Pool refurbished with Fibreglass Membrane - Finished in white
Refurbished pool filled with water to give a clear blue appeal

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