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Enjoy the benefits of your Fowler Swimming Pool all year round. A leisure filled healthy lifestyle can carry on right through the chilly months. Enclosing your pool in its own climate controlled environment will be a wise financial decision.

An enclosure over your pool ensures that you do not waste heat energy stored in the water from the sun or from a water heater. In addition to keeping the water at an ideal and comfortable temperature the air temperature remains warm and free from cold draughts. This also reduces chemical usage saving time and money.

Pool enclosures are made from a series of modular components which can be integrated to ensure that the enclosure can accommodate almost any shape pool, pool surround materials and adjoining buildings. The flexibility of the design and its adaptability will respond to your most creative and imaginative plans. Besides the standard enclosures, our custom designs include retracting, fixed, lean-to, low level and centre opening models.

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