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  1. Set price for recommission
  2. Chlorine wash pool coping stones to remove winter algae & staining
  3. Vacuum swimming pool if requested – additional charge applies
  4. Dose pool with Spring chemical pack – consists of 1 x 5kg shock & 1 x 5lt summer algaecide if requested – additional charge for pack applies
  5. Re-assemble all pumps and pipe work, fill system with water, prime, start and check for leaks
  6. Check all pipe work, valves and equipment for signs of damage and report if necessary
  7. Check all valves for freedom of operation and ensure spindles are neither too tight nor too loose
  8. Set time clocks for summer running of equipment and check operation of all items
  9. Remove and store winter cover and anti-frost drums (now is the time to repair cover if necessary)
  10. Check operation of automatic pool cleaner
  11. Check operation of automatic cover if fitted
  12. Re-instate disconnected poolside equipment
  13. Ensure pool area and plant room are clean and tidy
  14. Light boiler or heat pump and check that they are operating correctly and efficiently

Important Information

We often have to return to a pool several times after the initial recommission, depending on the condition of the pool when we remove the cover, as the pool may need dosing or vacuuming several times. As this is inconvenient and costly for all concerned we have listed below some suggestions then can be done prior to recommissioning to reduce the need for a return visit:

1. Allow at least two weeks before you need the pool...

Should you wish your pool to be ready for swimming by a certain date, it is advisable to book as early as possible and to allow at least two weeks before you need the pool (this particularly applies to bank holidays which are popular with everyone). Please be aware that if the date you have requested is already heavily booked we may contact you to try to rearrange the appointment

2. Check on the condition of the pool prior to our visit...

You may wish to lift the corner of the cover to check on the condition of the pool prior to our visit. If you are able to let us know the condition of the water we will know what to expect and whether to allow time for a return visit, we may also be able to pop in and dose the pool if we are in the area a few days beforehand.

3. If the pool water is in poor condition...

Should the pool water be in poor condition and you wish to try to dose it yourself prior to our visit, please contact us for advice on which chemicals to use.

4. Pool water level...

Before our pool care team visits, please ensure the pool water level is topped up as high as possible (ideally level with the top of the coping stones) in order that our technicians can vacuum the pool to waste, if requested. If the pool water level is not sufficient, we may not be able to complete the task on this visit and have to return at a later date to do so.

In addition to these suggestions, please remember that once the pool is up and running it is important to check the water chemistry regularly. Should you need the pool for a specific event, please remember to keep checking and dosing the pool accordingly for a couple of weeks prior to the date. It is also important to remember that if we need to heavily dose the pool you will be unable to swim in it for anything up to a week.

5. Winter Debris Cover Repairs...

Our suppliers have requested that, due to seasonal demand, we ensure that all winter debris cover repairs are returned to them during the 'off season' (ie before 1st September). Therefore as we will be unable to send covers for repair during September, October and November it is important that covers are checked during the summer so that they can be repaired prior to the winterising of the pool.

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